Telesales Script: Establish a Base and have a Position

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I recently hired a telesales company out of Vancouver, Canada, by the name of Lead Generators International (LGI) to help with lead generation in the Calgary market. As part of the exercise of hiring LGI I prepared a call script that I would like to share (see below). If you are considering a telesales campaign, the three most important things you must establish prior to starting your call are a base, position statement and call/connect/follow-up/interest model.

Base – The POIM definition of a base is the customer need that you are trying to qualify. A good campaign does not set out to establish a need, you have to assume the need/base and the goal of telesales is to identify as many accounts as possible that have a requirement for your product. In the case of the POIM telesales campaign the base is identifying companies that want to improve the performance of their sales organization. Once we have determined the base we can now offer our position statement.

Position Statement – The position statement is all about how you are going to help the customer and what makes you different from your competition. It is important that your position statement be brief and related to the base that you are trying to establish. In the case of POIM our position statement is we have developed Results Based Sales practices to help companies improve sales productivity.

Call/Connect/Follow-up/Interest Model – Prior to starting the call campaign you have to set expectations on what a successful campaigns looks like. POIM uses a model that estimates you connect with 12% of the people you call, 50% of these people show interest (Base) and 20% of the interested will close.

Prior to preparing your sales script make sure you have an understanding of the base you are trying to establish and a strong position statement.

Sample Script

Hello (contact name), My name is _________ I am calling from POIM Consulting Group; we are a sales 2.0 consulting company.

Relate Statement
The reason I am calling is we have been working with construction companies like Ener-spray, the leader in foam spray installation, and Solaris, the exclusive distributor of phantom screen products, to improve sales productivity by implementing our results based sales practices.

Confirm Time
Can I get a couple minutes of your time?

If the say no use the short position statement and then ask when would be a good time to call back.

Short position statement
I understand you are busy (pause), POIM Consulting Group has developed a system called Results-Based Sales that includes customer relationship management (CRM) technology from, building customer databases and sales 2.0 consulting services. I would like to discuss how Results-Based Sales can help your company grow your sales – when would be a good time to call back.

If they say yes use the extended position statement below.

Extended Position Statement
As I mentioned POIM Consulting Group has developed a system called Results-Based Sales that helps companies improve sales productivity resulting in better performance.

Results Based Sales is built on three pillars:
– Implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) technology from
– Building a database of your existing and future customers and installing the data into
– Sales 2.0 best practices built to maximize and the optimized customer database improving sales.

The results are a sales structure targeted on high value accounts and a sales team accountable to results.

Communication Plan
Can I ask you a few questions?

Probe to Need Questions
Do you currently have a sales force?
– If yes move to next question, if no ask how they acquire new business and take notes.
Would you like to improve the productivity of your sales team?
Do you currently have a sales strategy focused on improving you sales productivity?
Do you use a contact data base or CRM today? If so what are you using?
Would you be interested in meeting with Pat Hinds?

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