The I in POIM

November 20th, 2008 by

The I in POIM stands for IMPLAMENT.  The implementation stage focuses on getting the message to the Oil & Gas companies using direct selling techniques and supporting with marketing activities.  High activity level and a relevant targeted message are needed if the sales outsource is to be a success.  Getting feedback on a new product introduction in the oil & gas market can be as low as 2%-3%.  If you have not built a target list of a minimum of 100 contacts you will not get the product feedback and required to achieve your 90 day target sales target.  The more relevant the product message is solving an oil & gas business requirement the higher the probability the product feedback will be a double digit number.  Product feedback is the first step to building a 90 day funnel that will yield the desired sales results.  Documentation is very important, in the plan an organize stage a script is built and you must take the time to document the customer feedback and translate the feedback to a probability of a sales success in the oil & gas market.  The motto of the implementation stage is “plan to work and work the plan”.  

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