The Phases of Winning at Business

June 10th, 2012 by

I just finished another coaching stint; this time with the Calgary Falcons Midget football team. We had a good season but fell short of winning the championship.  In order to win a championship in football it is imperative that you win a minimum 2 of 3 phases of the game; the phases are defense, offense & special teams.

Each one of the phases of a football game is executed by units of players on the team these include:

·       Defense– D-line, linebackers & defensive backs;

·       Offense– O-Line, running backs, receivers, quarterback;

·       Special Team – Punt/punt return, kick-off/kick-off return & field goal.

In order to win the game each group needs good players, good coaching, a good game plan and execution of the game plan.

Winning at business is similar to winning on the football field; you have different phases that include:

·        Sales & Marketing

·        Operations

·        Customer Service

To be successful you need to break each of these phases into smaller business units, have good game plan and measure if you are the executing the game plan.

The breakdown of the business phases include:

·       Sales& Marketing – market planning, lead generation, lead management, sales execution and customer hand off to operations.

·       Operations– product/service development, customer on-boarding and product/service delivery.

·       Customer Support– billing, nurture & retain of customers and customer care.

If you are better at these business phases than your competitors you will have an opportunity to win at the game of business.

My investment in Cloud Computing SaaS is making a big difference in my ability to execute the different phases of business and measure the results, these include:

·       Hoovers– this application from Dunn & Bradstreet helps with the market planning process.

·– the CRM tool that I use for lead management, sales process and customer hand-off to operations

·       Act-on– marketing automation tool used for lead generation.

·       Basecamp– project management tool used to onboard customers.

·       Fresh Books – account application I use to bill customers and measure profitability.

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