Those Who Hesitate are Lost

June 7th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds

As a small business you are faced with many challenges and one is lack of resources. One thing I see happening on a regular basis is the small business hesitating to take action on marketing or sales initiatives due to the fact they do not feel the plan they have put together is “perfect” and as a result ,they prefer to do nothing. As a small business you have to ask yourself the question, “with my available resources am I going to get it perfect?”

As an example, I have a customer exhibiting at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary this week and he wanted to send an email to his contact database. He asked if I could help by sending the email from a marketing automation tool I use called SalesFusion. The advantage of sending the email from SalesFusion is the ability to get detailed diagnostics on who opened the email, who clicked the links within the email and if they visited the website, what content did they view and how long did they stay. The challenge that I had with the project is I had to send the email using the domain instead of the customer domain. The customer did not let that stop them from sending the email and the net result is 1000 emails sent, 20% of the emails opened and 50% of the emails clicked through to the website.

The other end of the spectrum is a customer of mine who has hired his first full-time sales rep to target a specific market segment. I was reviewing his configuration of SalesForce with him and the subject of how many calls his rep has made was brought-up; to my surprise the answer was none. I asked the customer why that was and he indicated they wanted to wait until they had prepared a better marketing package for the rep. At that point I felt like the “Champ” a fictional radio comedy character who has a penchant for overreacting to events in his life and reverting to his old boxing ways, he overreacts and “loses it”.

As a small business, a lack of resources is a barrier to perfection; nevertheless, I strongly recommend to my customers to maximize the resources they have at their disposal and do not be afraid of making a mistake. If you have a long list of email addresses leverage these to drive business, if you have a sales person get him out in front of new customers. The outcome may not be not perfect, but it beats the outcome of doing nothing.

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