Tips from a Business Legend – Ted Rogers

January 17th, 2009 by

Prior to Christmas, I read the Ted Roger’s autobiography entitled, Relentless; I would highly recommend people take the time to read this book.  Two points in the book that resonated with me related to how to help companies who are committed to strategic vertical and account selling, as well as looking for inspiration in these tough economic times.

The first point comes from the title of the book, Relentless. If you are looking for an example of goal setting, strategy development and execution of tactics, Ted Rogers mastered this art at a young age and continued to get better at this process with age.  Ted’s career lasted over 50 years and he saw multiple market bubbles and busts; as the economy changed, Ted remained steadfast to his goals, strategies and tactics.  The book is a testament to the power of goal-setting and in Ted’s words, the relentless pursuit of achieving these goals. 

The second point relates to the five words that Ted Rogers used to sum up what is required to be a successful entrepreneur: perseverance, build, partner, customer, and listen.   A key component in the strategic selling process is the commitment to solve customer problems — this can only be achieved by listening.  After reading this book, I have built a best practice for POIM. After each meeting I have with a customer or partner, I commit the time to reflect on what was said in the meeting and repeat back the key points made to the customer or partner.  I document these points in my CRM program and during this process I relate the impact of what was said in the meeting to the goals, strategy and tactics that I am trying to achieve.  The importance of listening to partners and customers can not be understated; you have to be willing to commit the time required to the listening process if you want to improve your success in strategic vertical and account selling.

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