What I learned from Kijiji

October 8th, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

POIMis a sale2.0 company focused on SalesForce.com application, sales data structure and consulting services. A value proposition of sales2.0 is the convergence of sales and marketing; as a result, I am interested in marketing2.0 strategies including search engine optimization. If you want to understand the value of being on the first page on multiple web searches that relate to your business I recommend that you try the following exercise on Kijiji.

A service that POIMConsulting Group offers as part of its Results Based Sales program is researching prospective companies on the internet; consequently, I hire internet researchers. The best source to find internet researchers is the jobs section on Kijiji.

“Kijiji (pronounced key-jee-jee; Swahili for village) is a centralized network of online urban communities for posting local online classified advertisements. It is a subsidiary of eBay launched in March 2005. Kijiji websites are currently available for more than 300 cities.”

In today’s economic environment people are looking for part time employment where they can work from home, so when I post a job on Kijiji I get lots of responses. When you post adds on Kijiji you always start on the first page and as time passes the add moves to subsequent pages. It is very interesting to measure how the responses to the add are reduced based on the add page placement. When the add is on the first page I get 20 replies an hour and when it moves to the second page the response is cut in half and so on.

If you want to see the importance of page ranking on Google searches post a very attractive add on Kijiji and measure the response as it moves page to page. If you do this exercise it will be obvious the importance of the first page ranking.

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