Whole Brain Lead Generation

January 29th, 2012 by

I have been reading material from Napoleon Hill and Maxwell Maltz on goal setting; as a result, I have become aware of the concept of right brain vs. left brain thinking. Broad generalizations are often made in popular psychology about one side or the other of your brain has characteristic labels such as “logical” or “creative.” This theory of the structure and functions of the mind suggests that the two different sides of the brain control two different “modes” of thinking. It also suggests that each of us prefers one mode over the other.

Below are examples of right and left brain functions.

• Left Brain – Logical, Sequential, Rational, Analytical, Objective and Looks at parts • Right Brain – Random, Intuitive, Holistic, Synthesizing, Subjective and Looks at wholes

Doing my goal setting exercise for 2012 I was using material from Napoleon Hill’s, Principles of Success, as a reference and I found my goal setting was very left brained. My goals were made up of a series of lists that are very logical and sequential. At the same time I was setting my goals I was reading a book by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics; the concept of the book is based on successful goal setting requiring right brain thinking and that ability to visualize yourself achieving the goal and visualizing that you a person who is capable of achieving your goals. I liked both Hill’s and Maltz’s concepts of goal setting; as a result I took a whole brain approach to my goal setting; I built my goal setting lists and visualize my ability to achieve the goals.

I have taken this same “whole brain” approach to my lead generation:

• Left Brain – A marketing doc-it made-up of a list of activities that include tele-sales, email marketing, events and print that I will execute each quarter in 2012.

• Right side – Content development; my ability to imagine how prospects are going to react to the messaging built around the value of CRM within their business and the professional services we offer to help them achieve their CRM goals.

It is import that if you are engaged in lead generation you use the right side and left side of your brain to achieve the best results from your lead campaign.

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