Who’s on the Second Position Statement?

October 22nd, 2010 by

By Pat Hinds,

When I work with inside sales teams that are doing a high volume of calls, I use a simple process to open a call:

1/ Greet and introduce
2/ Confirm time
3/ Relate
4/ Position
5/ Communication plan
6/ Listen/Probe for agreement

The position statement is the most important part of opening a call as it explains to the call recipient who you are and why you are calling. The position statement is the first step in aligning the customer requirements with your products and services; it is used to establish the initial customer need. The POIM call objective is to identify companies that want to improve the productivity of its sales organization through the adoption or improvement of an existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.

An example position statement for POIM would be:

“POIM Consulting Group is a partner with salesforce.com, the industry leading sales CRM application. POIM uses its Results Based Selling model to ensure companies new and/or existing CRM implementation meets and exceeds the objectives of the project. Can I ask you a few questions about your CRM?”Working with the sales teams I am finding it important to have a second position statement to be used after the initial need is established by the first position statement. Below is an example of a POIM second position statement after I have successfully probed the prospect and established a need for a new CRM.

A CRM successful CRM project has three pillars:

• Implementation of the CRM application.
• Setting up customer and prospect data to be most effective in a CRM application.
• Modifying and implementing new process that will use the full capacity of a CRM application to improve the productivity of your sales organization.

In the case of POIM establishing the second position statement, it allows us to qualify the need for a consultant to either improve an existing CRM or implement a new instance of a CRM. Make sure if you are doing lots of outbound calling you define and practice a second position statement that will help you close the deal.

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