Salesforce QuickStart for Oil & gas

Salesforce for Oil & Gas Services

Aimed at helping budget-conscious Oil & Gas Service companies get up and running quickly on Salesforce CRM, QuickStart implementations are performed by an experienced consulting partners who have completed 100+ QuickStarts in the oil & gas industry.  We are familiar with the specific needs of nonprofit organizations.

  • Dramatic improvements in a short period of time
  • A road map to help your organization meet your management needs
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices so that you can further optimize features on your own


Salesforce for Oil & Gas Services Overview

Faster Implementation, Proven Results

With a predefined scope of work, the QuickStart service helps organizations maximize their Salesforce potential in a short 40 hour consulting engagement. Additionally, all the work can be done remotely, thus eliminating costly travel expenses.

We use our Enerlead database of oil & gas producers and contacts combined with drilling, facility and pipeline activity to deliver a cost effective solution to help you manage existing customers and target new oil & gas producers.


  • Requirements gathering, summary, and project management
  • Application customization including user setup, workflow processes, communication templates, custom reports
  • Database of 500+ Oil & Gas Producers, Midstream and Pipeline companies.
  • Linkedin contacts related to your line of business.
  • Weekly upload of new well, wells drilled, facility and pipeline projects.
  • Data importing of your contacts from predefined Excel spreadsheet
  • eMail set-up 
  • Dashboard and reports
  • End-user training

Affordable Approach

The Oil & Gas Quickstart Implementation provide an established-scope implementations starting at just $950.


Customer should have a designated Salesforce System Administrator to serve as the client’s project manager for the duration of the Oil & Gas QuickStart implementation. This resource should also be the designated System Administrator responsible for ongoing Salesforce management. Customer is responsible for providing the following documents to the partner prior to scheduling project kick-off:

Enerlead for salesforce Resources

Texas Well Data

Video overview of using Texas well data for market research and lead generation.

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Texas Well Data and Mapping

Video overview of how to use salesforce, Texas well data and Geopoint mapping for market research and lead generation.

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Texas ABS with Salesforce & Enerlead

Video overview of how to use Enerlead data, salesforce and advanced analytic tools to implement an account based sales approach.

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Selling to Major

Video overview of the information and sales tools available to help sell to major oil & gas accounts.

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Data Optimization

Overview of the importance of clean data within your CRM.

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Coming Soon

 Stay tuned for more video resources.